Application for Leadership Owasso Class 2022-2023

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Please complete all fields and submit 2 reference letters, in order to be considered for the next Leadership Owasso class. Class size is limited to 25 students per year. Applicants will be notified by August 1, 2022 if there were not accepted in this year's class.
Personal Information
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Employer's Adress
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Home Address
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Because we often travel from site to site, please include your typical vehicle information so we can ensure we don't lose you when traveling.
If referred by employer or leadership graduate, please state the name of the individual that referred you.
Tuition for Leadership Owasso 2022-2023 is $995 per person. Class members are responsible for payment and will be invoiced for their tuition even though their tuition may be paid by their employer or a sponsor. Tuition is due in full by August 1, 2022 and is not refundable. Tuition will cover all of your program materials and meals.
Leadership Owasso is comprised of ten monthly sessions. As with all worthwhile endeavors, the program requires investment of time and commitment from each participant. Your application indicates your willingness to attend and participate in all classes.
Participants must attend each class in its entirety. You many miss NO MORE than one class during the year in order to successfully complete the program. If more than one class is missed, you will not be eligible to graduate at the end of the session. Make-up sessions can be completed in the following year's Class before you receive your graduation certificate. There is an additional cost involved for make-up sessions.
Please read the below statement. By typing in your first and last name in the box, you are agreeing to adhere to the rules of Leadership Owasso.
I understand that completion of this application does not ensure my acceptance in the class. If I am accepted, I will be contacted by email and will be sent an electronic invoice for my tuition, as confirmation of my acceptance. I also understand that if I must make up a class the following year, there will be an additional charge of $85 per class for any class I choose to make-up.
Format: M/d/yy
Two letters of reference should be provided. Letters may be uploaded to this application. If you choose to mail or hand-deliver your application, please do so at the address below: Owasso Chamber of Commerce Attn: Chelsea Levo Feary 315 S Cedar St Owasso, OK 74055 Or you may email your application to: NOTE: Only (1) one letter may be obtained from an applicant's employer.
Full support from participant's employer is required. Please mark whether you have your employer's support, then read the description below the "Employer Support Letter section".
Please upload a copy of your 1st reference letter here. If your file can not be uploaded, please email it to NOTE: Only (1) one letter may be obtained from an applicant's employer.
Please upload a copy of your 2nd reference letter here. If your file can not be uploaded, please email it to NOTE: Only (1) one letter may be obtained from an applicant's employer.
Please attach a letter from your employer stating you have their full support to participate in Leadership Owasso. If this is already stated in one of your reference letters, there is no need to upload another letter. Support letter must include Employer's Name, Title, Employer's Signature and the Date, along with this statement: "If selected, this employee will have my full support to participate in Leadership Owasso Class 2022-2023.